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Tree of Knowledge (Elective Affinities IV)

Larry Gottheim

1981United States58 minColour

It started with filming the tree. Something was released in that manner of filming seemingly farthest removed from the procedure of the early films. I first thought a simple ordering of this rich material might be enough, something related to BARN RUSHES. But the essential feelings and meanings of that filmiming held themselves back. So I pursued sounds of comparable texture and richness, from which material the 'deaf bar" (thanks to Roger Jacoby and Pittsburgh Filmmakers) and stockyard (thanks to Alan Berliner and U. of Oklahoma) sounds attached themselves to the work. But the film only came into its form-life with the idea of linking this deep-rooted and far-outreaching tree material with that film on paranoia that had fascinated me for many years. (…)–L. G

Larry Gottheim is a key figure in the history and development of American avant-garde cinema through the 1970s,  born in 1936. In the first period of his work in the early 1970s, the films were made as sequence-shots (continuous or semi-continuous shooting. Constantly evolving throughout his career, his film work gradually transformed into a cinema of presence and observation. While addressing the genres of landscape, diary and found-footage film, Gottheim's cinema is constructed on a direct and sensual experience that collides with complex repetitive structures.