International competition

Those Who Desire

Los que desean

Elena López Riera

2018SwitzerlandSpain24 minColour

A cloud of pigeons painted in fluorescent colours crosses the sky of an orange field in southern Spain. On earth, a group of men are passionately watching the flight of birds. They are witnessing one of the oldest local traditions: a pigeon race unlike any other because it is not a question of speed, but of seduction and desire. A female pigeon is thrown into the sky. A few minutes later, she will be followed by a group of males, abstinent to stimulate their desire, who will fight in the air to be the one who will spend the most time next to her. Pigeons fly over orange groves, private gardens, land between trees. Their journey is followed by the men who participate in this competition. Between them, an intimate bond is forged, silent, special. They gather every week to train their pigeons, to follow the different stages of the competition, to share their common passion. These men spend long hours contemplating these birds, without making great speeches, barely speaking to each other. A seemingly closed and virile society, but one that is part of an extremely poetic act. «Los que desean» is a film about this tradition of pigeon racing, transmitted from generation to generation, but also about the community that surrounds it. A fascinating male community that communicates more through gestures, bodies or silences, than through words. A film about men and birds, about their intimate and impossible relationships.

Elena López Riera was born in 1982 in Spain. She is based in Geneva. Her first short film Pueblo premiered at the Directors’ Fortnight in 2015. In 2016 her film Las vísceras is selected at Locarno. Los que desean won the Pardino d’Oro at Locarno Film Festival in 2018. Elena worked as a programmer for several film festivals including Entrevues Belfort, Sevilla European Film Festival and Visions du réel in Nyons. 

  • PRODUCTION : David Epiney (Alina Film)