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The Shadow of the Desert (or Paradise Lost)

L'Ombre du désert (ou le Paradis perdu)
La sombra del desierto (o el Paraíso perdido)

Juan Manuel Sepúlveda

2020Mexico80 minColour

On an increasingly militarized border, an exodus of Mexicans and Latin Americans awaits to reach the United States, before having to cross one of the most lethal deserts in the world.
On the same border, the Tohono O’odham, the people of the desert, survives a diaspora that places them on the verge of extinction.
Millennial witness of displacements, the desert contemplates these unstoppable forces fighting against their own destiny.

Juan Manuel Sepúlveda

A graduate of the National Autonomous University of Mexico Film School and a MFA of the Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Juan Manuel Sepúlveda has being directing and producing films since 2006. His work is a critical and unconventional exploration of the documentary form and at the same time he has developed a practice as a Professor exploring the relations between the aesthetical and the political. 

  • PRODUCTION : Juan Manuel Sepúlveda Martínez, Viana González Delgado
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