French Selection

The Monsters Factory

La Fabrique des Monstres

Malak Maatoug

2020France26 minColour

The film was shot in Portugal in 2017 following the gestures and work in a foundry and of an improvised pottery. On a village place in the night, potters argue about the forms they do to create monsters and give a group of German artists the opportunity to try an old manual rotary table. Meanwhile the routine of the fabrication of a small industrial piece of what appears to be a maritime bronze foundry takes place. The daughter of the owner irrupts in the place and starts to do her own figures, working on a spoon. The potters create a missile like form and finish the construction of a tipi of old magazines and clay, that is to become the pottersoven. Finally the foundry is taking place and the woman gets her bronze spoon that she finishes off with the help of one of the workers.
In the village the potters open up the tent like oven surrounded by a festive crowd. The missile like shape reappears beneath and inside the potters unveil hundreds of monsters.

Malak Maatoug

Malak Maatoug was born in Solingen in Germany in 1987. With a German mother and Tunisian father, he grew up between these two countries and cultures. He has combined studying philosophy, art and social science in Berlin, Paris and Düsseldorf with different jobs and voyages around the world. In 2015, he worked with director Jean-Gabriel Périot on the feature-length documentary, A German Youth. In 2017, he began research on cinema between Portugal, France and Germany.

  • PRODUCTION : Malak Maatoug
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