International Competition

Taurunum Boy

Dušan Grubin

Jelena Maksimović

2018Serbia70 min

Taurunum was the Roman name for Zemun municipality, today attached to Belgrade and very proud of its football club. The boys are like all boys: loudmouthed, stubborn, nume­rous. But here, under the reign of hooligan law and an ancestral viri­lity that no one dreams of challen­ging, they are even more boyish. In other words, a little more divided between the bravado that their kingpin imaginary requires of them, and the feverish unease that they hope to hide under an exaggerated apathy. Taurunum Boy magnifi­cently captures this double face of the 13- or 14-year-old boys, these rosy-cheeked warriors terrified by life and in no way prepared for it. Dušan Grubin and Jelena Maksimović have made this into the object of a two-scale theatre. The very wide first scale films places (abandoned boats now taken over for games, waste­lands full of things to destroy, football stands and the school canteen), all of them arenas for boys who see them­selves as gladiators. The second scale, close to their faces, is that of confessions, hastened by the immi­nence of a summer after which nothing will be the same. The film alternates these scales but also des­cribes a fast-growing power, shifting from the already acquired fascina­tion for the sociability of little men towards the eternal vibrato of saying goodbye to childhood. 
–Jérôme Momcilovic

  • Dušan Grubin was born in 1985, in Zemun (Belgrade), Yugoslavia. He graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, camera department. He worked on many short and feature projects. He directed several music videos. Taurunum Boy is his debut film.

  • Jelena Maksimović was born in Zemun (Belgrade), Yugoslavia. She graduated from Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, editing department. She has edited films that have screened at major festivals and directed several shorts, music videos, A/V installations. She teaches at the Faculty of Media and Communications in Belgrade.

  • PRODUCTION : Jelena Angelovski

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