International competition

Taurunum Boy

Dušan Grubin

Jelena Maksimović

2018Serbia70 minColour

Stefan, Bojan and other boys in the so called “Small park of hooligans” are minors from an urban neighborhood of Belgrade. They spend most of their time on an abandon ship, in old military barracks and parks. They’re trying to be “big shots” and earn respect of their peers. On the other hand, their future depends on the high school they succeed to enroll. This summer is their initiation into the world of adults.

Jelena Maksimović was born in Zemun (Belgrade), Yugoslavia. She graduated from Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, editing department. She has edited films that have screened at major festivals and directed several shorts, music videos, A/V installations. She teaches at the Faculty of Media and Communications in Belgrade. 

Dušan Grubin was born in 1985, in Zemun (Belgrade), Yugoslavia. He graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, camera department. He worked on many short and feature projects. He directed several music videos. Taurunum Boy is his debut film. 

  • PRODUCTION : Jelena Angelovski