The making of cinema

Reportage amateur (maquette expo)

Jean-Luc Godard

Anne-Marie Miéville

2006France46 minColour

Jean-Luc Godard, filmed by Anne-Marie Miéville, visits the maquette of the “Collages de France” exhibition, which was later to become “Travel(s) in Utopia, Jean- Luc Godard 1946-2006”. “You enter here, the title of the exhibition is “Collages” because we’ve used a lot of glue. Room 1 is The Myth, room 2 Humanity, room 3 The Camera, room 4 Films, room 5 The Unconscious, room 6 The Bastards, room 7 Reality, room 8 Murder and room 9 The Tomb, and then you exit the way you came in.” 
–J-L. G.