Mosco Boucault, a documentary experience

Philadelphie, fusillade de Mole Street

Mosco Boucault

1998France89 minColour


Philadelphia, 28 February 1996. A 15-year-old boy has been killed in a shoot-out between two gangs of dealers in the city’s black ghetto. Nine months later, although the case has been closed, Detectives David Baker and Julie Hill re-open it.


For more than thirty years, Mosco Levi Boucault has been producing major documentaries, including Retired Terrorists (1985), A Crime in Abidjan (1999), A 19-year-old Lack of Life (Scam Star 2008), Roubaix Police Station central, current affairs (Star of the Scam 2009), They were the Red Brigades (2011) and Corleone, the Godparents' godfather (2019). Member of the Scam, he is awarded in 2014 by the Charles Brabant Prize for all his work. (SCAM)

  • PRODUCTION : Elma Productions, Tal productions, La Sept ARTE
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