ParisDOC Feedback pro – Quelle circulation pour les films à l’heure des premières

120 min

Since ever, the screening of a film in a festival has been the set-up of its international career. Nevertheless, in our current market situation, festivals are becoming more and more the only space where a director can still see the film screened in front of a public.


In this new world festivals have to adapt their strategies. What significance is to be given to World Premieres? Do festivals have their part of responsibility regarding the circulation of films? What can we do together, in order to guarantee the best exhibition of the film, whether it is in its original country or worldwide.

en partenariat avec Doc&Film International.

moderated by Daniela Elstner, head of Doc&Film International

SPEAKERS : Anaïs Clanet (sales agent Wide House), Sandro Fiorin, (sales agent Figa Films), Stephanie Fuchs (in charge of Festivals and Bookings Autlook Filmsales), Michel Klein (producer Les Films Hatari), Michel Lipkes (artistic director of Ficunam), Davide Oberto (head of documentary selection at Torino Film Festival)