#04 Pierre Creton

Mercier et Camier

Pierre Creton

Sophie Roger

1998France15 mn

“Sophie was doing a series of portraits of friends reading. I suggested to her, along with our common friend Sophie Marie Le Pallec, that we make an adaptation of Mercier and Camier set in the coach on the Fécamp/Le Havre line that passed in front of the houses where we lived.” (P.C., January 2021)

“The journey of Mercier and Camier is one I can tell, if I will, for I was with them all the time. Physically, it was fairly easy going without seas or frontiers to be crossed, through regions untormented on the whole, if desolate in parts. Mercier and Camier did not remove from home, they had that great good fortune.”
(Mercier and Camier, Samuel Beckett, Grove Press)

With : Pierre Creton et Sophie Roger
Story telling : Marie Le Pallec
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