Mosco Boucault, a documentary experience

Mémoires d’ex : Suicide au Comité Central

Mosco Boucault

1990France52 minColour


(1945-1955) Four men. Four comrades, Four activists seasoned by war, secrecy and the Resistance. All from the Nord-Pas de Calais region. After the Liberation, they become cadres, members of the apparatus of France’s leading party, the party of Maurice Thorez.


Mosco’s primary concern was to show and hear men (not women, other than those in the secondary roles of wives), who have given their youth, or at least the best part of their lives, to the party, to Communism, seen as the “finest ideal in the world’ and supported by a faith akin to that of the “first Christians”, in the words of André Pierrard. A communist leader of the French resistance in the Nord department, then member of the central committee, Pierrard sat as the French Communist Party (FCP) MP for the Nord before being sidelined...
The men speaking today are elderly, questioning their black-and-white spectre of yesteryear, the party members they once were, the “exes”, the fallen heroes they have become. An extraordinary microcosm that reflects the PCF with its cadres, its power struggles, its betrayals, its lies, its blind beliefs.
–Jean-Pierre Thibaudat (Libération)

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