Les Matinales

Reality put to music(s)

What place does musical composition have in images of reality? A vague suspicion often hangs over the use of music in documentary films, being looked on as a foreign agent serving a fictional regime. Yet, it is worth asking the question again, alongside filmmakers and composers: what kind of dialogue is woven between the images of reality and musical composition? What is the source of the composers’ inspiration? What do filmmakers demand of music? And the world’s murmurs, quaffed by microphones since the advent of live sound recording, is it not already music?

Moderated by: Jérôme Momcilovic (film critic, selection committee member, Cinéma du réel)

Speakers: Daniel Deshays (sound designer, essayist and teacher), Ulysse Klotz (film music composer), Nicolas Klotz (filmmaker), Stephen O’Malley (musician, composer, producer and visual artist), Aline Pénitot (radio documentarist, electroacoustic composer), Nicolas Repac (musician, singer, composer), Claire Simon (filmmaker)

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