The making of cinema

Making Fuck Off

Fred Poulet

2010France52 minColour

One day, I went to see Aaltra in a theatre, I was afraid to look at a thumbnail sketch, I saw cinema, I felt a fraternity – easy to say afterward – an Avida which go deep into life, I made Substitute, a film with a Super 8 camera during the Football World Cup, they understand and identify something – easy to say afterward – they came to me “We are going to make Mammuth a picture with Gérard Depardieu, go with us”. I made a movie on their film. That’s life. 
–Fred Poulet 

The shooting of our picture Mammuth was quite hard from the beginning: in only six months, writing the script, persuading actors like Gérard Depardieu, Isabelle Adja­ni or Yolande Moreau, finding a producer, find the cash, living a shooting from scratch with movie moguls… As many difficult steps as you can imagine, which could have jeopardized the film. And there, in the emergency of Mammuth, an outside look was suddenly necessary. We thought about Lost in La Mancha... We decided to ask to Fred Poulet to shoot a documentary film on the aside aspects of a film in progress as Mammuth was at the time… At least, we would got a memory of this crazy adventure. And there, finally, our lucky star was still shining. Mammuth was done smoothly, in a free general and unbelievable inspiration spirit. As fate would have it, event if Fred Poulet tried to get invisible, he was here, no matter what, with his litte Super 8 Camera. And his movie is even more beautiful that it would have been in telling the story of a predicted disaster. 
–Benoît Delépine and Gustave Kervern 

Fred Poulet is a writer, composer, singer and directior born in Dijon, 1961. The Belfort International Film Festival awarded him the Gérard Frot-Coutaz prize for his 2006 documentary, Substitute.

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