L'Héroïque Lande (la frontière brûle)

  • Elisabeth Perceval
  • Nicolas Klotz
  • 2017
    • France
  • 219 min
  • Production
  • Shellac, Mata Atlantica, Stempel Films

In Winter 2016, Calais’ Jungle is a fully growing city where approximately 12 000 people are living. A city from the future arose from the mud with its housing, its streets, its shops, soon in flames and dismantled, but ready to rise again from its ashes. Nicolas Klotz and Élisabeth Perceval encounter Almaz, Zeid, Dawitt and Yared there who, caught in the eternal chaos of war, exile and violence, are looking for a gateway… What does their heroism consist of? Courage, humour, dreams, with which they reinvent a forgotten episode of Homer’s Odyssey.

  • Friday 23 March 2018 | 19H30 | Petite Salle

    French original Version + debate

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