#04 Pierre Creton

Les Vrilles de la vigne

Pierre Creton

2007France10 mn

“I talked to Françoise Lebrun about the nightingales’ song at Vincent’s place in the Loiret. She then introduced me to Colette’s Les Vrilles de la vigne [The Tendrils of the Vine], a text that she had read at a friend’s funeral. The idea for this very simple film came to me with Françoise’s voice: ‘As long as the vine grows, grows…’, to the song of the nightingales, as night was falling, at Vincent’s place. We did three takes, three readings one after the other, so that the last would finish deep in the night. I kept an excerpt from the second take and the end of the third, in the darkness. This film was the trigger for Maniquerville.”

P. C. (Cultiver, habiter, filmer, conversations de Pierre Creton avec Cyril Neyrat, éditions Independencia, 2010)

Production : Labo d’Images
Cinematography, sound, editing : Pierre Creton
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