Mosco Boucault, a documentary experience

Le Traître

Il Traditore

Marco Bellocchio

2019Italy151 minColour


In the early 1980’s, an all out war rages between Sicilian mafia bosses. Tommaso Buscetta, a made man, flees to hide out in Brazil. Back home in Italy, scores are being settled, and Buscetta’s allies are killed off one after another.



“[Tommaso Buscetta] often features in films and series but always in a secondary role. I wanted to make a film where, on the contrary, he was in the foreground. From a cinematographic viewpoint, his journey interested me. I wanted to understand what had led him to collaborate with Judge Falcone. Because talking represented a total rupture, not only with his enemies, but also with his world. He obviously did it for circumstantial reasons, because his family and his life were in danger, He understood that he had no alternative and even tried to commit suicide to avoid having to talk. I found these psychological dilemmas interesting.
He doesn’t see himself as an “informant”, but still as a soldier of Cosa Nostra. The traitor isn’t him but those who, like Toto Riina, changed the organisation’s rules. His own Mafia didn’t kill children, women, judges and looked after the poor. He defends a code of honour that Falcone obviously opposes, but they have a pact: Tommaso Buscetta agrees to talk without having to tell everything. Falcone agrees, he knows that what he will say will be decisive for his combat against the Mafia.”
–Marco Bellocchio (Interview with Céline Rouden, La Croix, 29 October 2019)

  • PRODUCTION : IBC Movie, Kavac Film, Rai Cinema (Italie), Ad Vitam Production (France), Gullane (Brésil), Match Factory Productions (Allemagne)
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