#04 Pierre Creton

Le Grand Cortège

Pierre Creton

2011France30 mn

The reconstruction works on the new site of Maniquerville’s Yvon Lamour Gerontology Centre are now completed. The residents will be moving to the new premises over two days: Monday 11 and Tuesday 12 October 2010.

This is the note displayed at reception, and which I did not wish to reword. It conveyed the crude tone that I had taken out of Maniquerville and which, this time, I was ready to tackle head on.  Who is this information addressing? The residents’ children? Who is this Sir, this Madam? Residents?  Spectators? Spectators of a reality that concerns us all? I see Le Grand Cortège as different from Maniquerville, in its form: here, the camera is constantly moving, the colour, nostalgia rather than melancholy… (P.C.)

Production, cinematography, sound, editing : Pierre Creton
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