International Competition


Jessica Johnson

Ryan Ermacora

2019Canada19 min

A place of rest, a place of leisure, the valley of Okanagan in southwest Canada welcomes tourists and their appetite for holidaymaking. Moving from a wide-angle shot of an impec­cable golf course to another showing a lavish villa overlooking planta­tions, the film switches focus to visit and shed light on a more bitter rea­lity. Beneath the bourgeois serenity of the villas, in the fields, an immigrant population from the global South is at work. The camera moves closer and reveals the flipside of the picture, starkly observing a well-established system in which the thankless tasks are always given to those welcomed in the shadows. The farm workers, used to moving around, are at work behind the sorting lines, picking, scanning, keeping busy. What is being repeated is not simply their gestures but the pattern of a whole world. Structural racism holds firm. The gesture is clear: Labour / Lei­sure, the grating resonance lingers as an echo. The frontier between the two notions will not disappear. This ter­ritory is not the same for all. It offers a broad and sumptuous framing to some, and a tighter and more oppres­sive one to others. From the villa overlooking the plantations, privile­ges are constantly expanding. 
–Clémence Arrivé

  • Jessica Johnson is an award-winning experimental filmmaker based in Vancouver, B.C. She has made a number of short experimental films with a focus on narrative embedded within the landscape. Her films have played at Canadian festivals and internationally, in cities such as Edinburgh, Trento, and Leiden.

  • Ryan Ermacora is an award-winning filmmaker based in Vancouver, BC. His work investigates the visible and invisible ways in which humans have engraved themselves into natural spaces and is informed by an interest in avant-garde depictions of landscape.

  • PRODUCTION : Ryan Ermacora, Jessica Johnson

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