• Salomé Lamas
  • 2018
    • Germany
    • Portugal
  • 80 min
  • Black and white
  • Production
  • O Som e a Fúria, Lamaland, Mengamuk Films, Walla Collective, Screen Miguel Nabinho, Bikini

The question of borders of what was once the USSR has proven to be a potential time bomb. Extinction, using a hunting mix of material (fiction and non-fiction), looks through the collective imaginary of the Soviet Union. The film is made of fragments as are the answers of the people which the filmmaker questions. Everyone speaks differently about history, whether repeating the official speeches or cracking a joke. Shot in beautiful black and white, the film’s true aim is to draw an abstract comment upon Putin’s concept of a “war without war”, with Kolya, who describes himself as a national of Transnitria, in the lead role. (Lev Khvostenko)

  • Saturday 24 March 2018 | 20H30 | Salle 100

    Original Version Subtitled in French and English + debate

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  • Sunday 25 March 2018 | 18H30 | Luminor

    Original Version Subtitled in French and English

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