Face to face with power

Eich Hifsakti L’fahed V’lamadeti L’ehov et Arik Sharon

Comment j'ai appris à surmonter ma peur et à aimer Ariel Sharon

Avi Mograbi

1997Israel61 minColour


As the 1996 election campaign approaches, Avi Mograbi decides to make a documentary about a political figure who inspires both animosity and admiration – Ariel Sharon.

PRINT SOURCE: Documentaire sur Grand Ecran, hmasson@documentairesurgrandecran.fr

“If someone asked me for a synopsis of the film, I wouldn’t say ‘It’s a film about a politician called Ariel Sharon...’ Instead, I’d say ‘It’s a film about a guy who’s trying to make a film against Ariel Sharon and whom, during the film, this old gentleman wins over to his cause. He loses all his bearings and even ends up becoming a Likud activist.’”...The shoot taught me that Sharon can be extremely seductive – if you forget the blood on his hands, the horrible things he did to people in the Middle East with war and the dreadful legacy that his policy left them. The truth is, I have never forgotten those things. But, for the first time, I took stock of his charisma...Watching close up the magnetism that he exudes, I understood the subject of the films I was making: how someone seduced by the magnetism of a strong personality abandons his political and ethical convictions.”
–Avi Mograbi (Mon occupation préférée, interviews with Eugenio Renzi, Les Prairies ordinaires, 2015)

  • PRODUCTION : Avi Mograbi Productions
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