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Demain le feu

Mehdi Meklat

Badroudine Saïd Abdallah

2020France76 minColour


A journey from Calais to Marseilles in May 2017, in search of a divided France, whose voice is little heard and whose people talk of their dreams and disillusions…

PRINT SOURCE: Mehdi Meklat, mmeklat@yahoo.fr


A journey from Calais to Marseille in May 2017. Relying on happenchance, the film sets out to meet a divided France that is little heard and which talks of its dreams and disillusions… Everyone is struggling between their solitude and hopes, at the dawn of a movement later dubbed the “Yellow Vests”.

  • PRODUCTION : Mehdi Meklat, Badroudine Said Abdallah, Ramdane Touhami
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