International Competition

David and the Kingdom

Brian Paccione

Woodrow Travers

2018United States22 min

David is alone in his tiny kingdom, a corner in north-western USA. The murmuring trees and the sky over his head are all he needs; then, there are the animals, to whom he gives the love that he was unable to give to people, not even his son. But his tormented silence, his heavy step in the foliage and his face offered up to the mosqui­toes that he does not kill tell us from the outset that he is not simply one of those Thoreau-style Robinson Cru­soes who come to the forest to appease their contempt for civilisation. Above all, David is there to atone for the crimes of which the forest knows he is guilty. Years ago, he had killed more animals that would be needed to fill his present kingdom. Stags, bears, lynx, wolves, whose trophy-heads still adorn his cabin and hang heavy above him with their full weight of penitence. It is a kingdom of shadows, the mur­muring comes from the trees as much as from the ghosts swirling around in his conscience. And the course grain of video, the discreet and disturbing silence that the film allows to unfold in between David’s rare utterances all make David & the Kingdom into a dark and benumbed fable – the nega­tive of a Disney technicolour: he is Bambi’s hunter, condemned by a self-inflicted fate to wait until the forest and the mosquitoes have drunk his last drop of life in the name of jus­tice. Unless the love of the elks saves him. 
–Jérôme Momcilovic

  • Brian Paccione studied directing at the Columbia University. In addition to writing and directing his own award-winning work, Brian mentored at-risk youths in NYC by teaching them how to make short documentaries. He currently teaches film production at SUNY Purchase College

  • Woodrow Travers studied filmmaking at Vassar College and after participating in the prestigious DGA Trainee program (The New York Assistant Director Training Program), has worked as a producer and assistant director.

  • PRODUCTION : Woodow Travers (Heartlands Productions), Brian Paccione (Heartlands Productions)

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