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Corporate Accountability

Responsabilidad Empresarial

Jonathan Perel

2020Argentina68 minColour

This film is based on a book that has never been printed: the report by the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, that organises for the first time the 25 case studies where corporate accountability in the repression of their workers can be demonstrated. This film aims at making the book visible, by constructing an image and a physical existence for it. These companies had an active role in repressing, by preparing the lists of workers to be abducted, supplying information, vehicles and support to the military forces, and even installing clandestine detention centers inside their premises. The corporate accountability is still a pending issue, not only in Argentina.

Jonathan Perel

Jonathan Perel is a filmmaker born in 1976 in Argentina. He lives and works in Buenos Aires. He attended a degree in Arts at the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters (University of Buenos Aires). He directed the feature films Toponimia (2015), Tabula Rasa (2013), 17 Monumentos (2012) and El Predio (2010), and the short films 5-T-2 Ushuaia (2016), Las Aguas del Olvido (2013), Los Murales (2011) and 5 (cinco) (2008). Two times awarded with the Metropolitan Fund for the Arts and one time with the National Fund for the Arts (FNA).

  • PRODUCTION : Jonathan Perel
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