Kevin Jerome Everson


Kevin Jerome Everson

2006United States71 minColour

The consistent routine of a bank teller and a mechanic as they prepare for the sport of drag racing. The film portrays their relationship as similar to that of a composer and a musician, in which the mechanic is the composer and the driver interprets the music.

Everyday life is recorded with such apparent casualness that the drama looks to be coincidental. But it would do more justice to the special quality of the film to look at it the other way round. In that case, you would see the film as a documentary that has been manipulated with such control and subtlety that it evokes the appearance of fiction. The drama is then created less by accident. [...] The film provides an Impressionist image of an Afro-American family in which father John and daughter Erin are totally dedicated to drag-racing, racing home-built vehicles. The loving approach to their blue racing monster, as well tended as a thoroughbred racehorse, has been equally lovingly recorded by the filmmaker. The film is mainly built up of observations. Occasionally, Everson even seems to creep up on his subject in order to avoid disrupting the natural course of events.

(Gertjan Zuilhof, International Film Festival Rotterdam)

Kevin Jerome Everson was born in 1965, Mansfield Ohio. Since the 1980s he has directed numerous short films, and nine feature lengths. Most of these are anchored in the collection or staging of gestures, postures and attitudes of the black American working class.

  • PRODUCTION : Picture Palace Pictures