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Daniele Incalcaterra

Fausta Quattrini

2018ArgentinaItalySwitzerland110 minColour

After El Impenetrable director Daniele Incalcaterra, with co-director Fausta Quattrini, again tackle the issues and problems of virgin forest in the Paraguayan Chaco: each day 2 000 hectares of forest are destroyed. Connec­ted with the 5 000 hectares of forest, inherited by Daniele from his father, Incalcaterra explores every avenue pos­sible to return the land to the Guarani Ñandevas, the rightful owners. This would impede a deforestation pro­ject that would turn the land into an industrial transgenic soya and meat farm. Not everyone, though, is pleased with his mission. An embittered and ruthless battle against fraudulent bureaucracy and financial interests begin. Incalcaterra hopes, with the help of a decree by president Fernando Lugo, to create a nature reserve called Arcadia and a scientific observatory to study the devastating effects of deforestation. 

Danièle Incalcaterra was born on March 16, 1954 in Rome, Lazio, Italy. He is a producer and cinematographer, known for El impenetrable (2012), Fasinpat (Fábrica sin patrón) (2004) and Tierra de Avellaneda (1996).

 Fausta Quattrini was born in 1964 in Locarno, Switzerland. She is a director and editor, known for La nación Mapuce (2007), El impenetrable (2012) and Mandala 999 -Autorretrato 3- (2002).

  • PRODUCTION : Elefant films, Daniele Incalcaterra