Special screenings


Khaled Abdulwahed

2018Germany26 minColour

A photograph taken in 1998 in Syria of a cactus field, a plant known for its resilience. War and its havoc have been there. Out of the field, a formerly familiar space for Khaled Abdulwahed, there only remains, or so we hear, this photograph. The point will consist in warding off its loss, replay its memory. That is Khaled Abdulwahed’s attempt, moving from one to the other in Backyard, from slow metamorphosis of the image to its re-enactment, on a smaller scale, of the represented location. A crucial, modest and minor gesture which is echoed here by that of questioning the mechanism at work.
Nicolas Feodoroff, FIDMarseille

Khaled Abdulwahed is a visual artist born Syria in 1975. He started his career in design, specializing in visual communication arts.

  • PRODUCTION : pong film GmbH