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Aucun d’eux ne dit mot

Jacques Lin

2020France44 minColour


In 1967, Jacques Lin began to live with autistic children in the living areas that Fernand Deligny was
setting up in the Cévennes. The children have now reached adulthood. Jacques films daily life in the network along with the customary activities.

PRINT SOURCE: Les Films d'Ici, Celine.PAINI@lesfilmsdici.fr


Having left factory work, Jacques Lin, who was 19 in 1967, met Fernand Deligny in the Cévennes. A small network connecting several places was being set up, outside of institutions, to welcome non-verbal autistic children. Day and night for over 50 years, Jacques Lin and his partner, Gisèle Durand Ruiz, lived alongside these children diagnosed as incurable, ineducable and impossible to live with. Some of these now adult children are still present at Monoblet in the Cévennes. All through this experience, a Super8 or video camera kept track of their life in common. This helped to show the parents and institutions that entrusted the network with these children, now adult, that in other circumstances they could be completely different. All the images filmed by Jacques Lin are in a film with no pedagogical or historical aim. « 
Aucun d’eux ne dit mot » is a choreography of gestures and bodies accompanied by modulated sounds that embellish daily life with these companions.

  • PRODUCTION : Richard Copans (Les Films d'Ici Méditérranée)
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