Atelier de travail : La vérité du son

  • Eric Baudelaire
  • 2018
    • France
  • 39 min

In autumn 2015, filmmaker and visual artist Éric Baudelaire was invited to conceive of a film about the Dora Maar junior high school, a new institution that had just been built in the Paris suburb of Saint-Denis. He decided to sketch the portrait of a group of students over the duration of four years. Gradually, the subject of this ongoing film became the object of its own making and the schoolchildren became its authors. 128 Semaines au collège Dora Maar proposes an X-ray of France in-the-making, pluralistic and aware of the community-based rifts shaping the way people coexist. The film involves a “selfie” and “Youtube” generation exploring its representation in front of the camera, in a form of a daily audio-visual amateur practice.

Screening of three fragments of 128 Semaines au collège Dora Maar, feature documentary in-the-making, by Éric Baudelaire.

Followed by a discussion with the filmmaker, Rasha Salti, Head of La Lucarne – Arte and the students of the college.  The workshop will be filmed by the students.

  • Sunday 25 March 2018 | 15H00 | Petite Salle

    French original Version Subtitled in English + debate

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