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After Two Hours, Ten Minutes Had Passed

Nach zwei Stunden waren zehn Minuten vergangen

Steffen Goldkamp

2019Germany19 minColour

Eating, waiting, haircutting, cleaning, telephone- and bedtime. The perennial daily routine of a juvenile detention center brings about a clotting of time. Bodies are transformed into vehicles, lethargically moved from workshops to single-person cells, down hallways into outdoor areas, from armchair to couch. Nothing makes a difference. Breathing, walking, sitting, lying down again. Existence in a comatose state. The film observes this heterotopic cosmos, picturing a perpetual dissolution. It tells a story of bodies left behind, of an undefined longing. A longing for something different. For an outside so yonder that even the dreamers do not know any longer, if it has even ever existed as such.

Steffen Goldkamp

Steffen Goldkamp (b.1988) studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Hamburg, where he graduated Master under Angela Schanelec in 2019. In 2014, he co-founded the film collective “Spengemann Eichberg Goldkamp Hans”, with whom he produced several short films and videos. His works explore the specific realities of prototypical spaces and include the films Wallenhorst (2014), L’Été espéré (2016), Western Union (2018).

  • PRODUCTION : Steffen Goldkamp (Spengemann Eichberg Goldkamp Hans)
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