After 68, Revolution Is Not a Gala Dinner

  • Kristel Le Pollotec
  • 2018
    • France
  • 53 min
  • Production
  • France Culture

Audio Documentary: “Revolution is not a gala dinner

The radicalization of far-left movements after ‘68”

Listening session of an episode from the documentary series “Revolution is not a gala dinner. The radicalization of far-left movements after 68” produced for LSD - La Série Documentaire (France Culture)

After 68, revolution is not a gala dinner

First part: The origins, Japan, France and Italy

After 1968. Or how violence settled into the landscape...

In Japan, the student movement separates into a myriad of opposing factions which engage in fierce street fights, armed with bamboo sticks... In France, with the creation of the Maoist movement Gauche Prolétarienne, a new generation of activists infiltrates factories, organizes raids at Fauchon’s, demands the triumph of popular justice, and makes the front pages with its shock tactics. In Italy, the fascist terror attack on Piazza Fontana in 1969 in Milan reactivates the fear of a coup and radicalizes far-left movements.

With Makoto Asari, university professor and former student at Waseda University in Tokyo, Michael Prazan, documentary filmmaker, Alain Geismar, former leader of the Gauche Prolétarienne movement, Lucas, former member of Gauche Prolétarienne, Francesco Giorgini, journalist, Barbara Balzeranni and Geraldina Colotti, former members of the Red Brigades.

  • Friday 23 March 2018 | 14H30 | Salle 100

    French original Version + debate

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