International Competition

A Wild Stream

Una corriente salvaje

Nuria Ibañez Castañeda

2018Mexico75 min

The ocean, the beach, and immedia­tely after the desert. A grandiose site, a desolate territory, where two men, Chico and Omar, seem to be stranded, surviving thanks to their fishing, soli­tary, isolated. Out of this world, out of time, where day turns to night without any passage of time, where the lands­cape only seems to exist through the wind, the light, the breaking waves. We are elsewhere, we are nowhere. Omar lives in a camping-car, Chico in a small hut on the beach. In this inti­mate space, open to everyone’s gaze, a story of attraction and sensuality unfolds between them, but never crys­tallises into love, or even real friendship. Yet, they cannot do wit­hout each other and from their day­time fishing to night-time crab-hun­ting, days and nights follow on, stretching out into long conversations – moments to enjoy seducing each other, being together, consoling each other in their common isolation and sharing their struggles and inner demons. With an almost indecent meticulousness and insistence, the filmmaker portrays these bodies toi­ling to fish, loosening up when at rest. This reinforces the intimacy and emo­tional tenderness between the two characters, and could at times make the spectator feel like an uncomfor­table witness. The whole force of cinema is that it places us in this uncertain place where it is impossible to know whether this is paradise or hell, whether this whole story only exists in the eye of the camera, simply as the product of its author’s fantasy. She nonetheless achieves her ambi­tion to make us feel human senti­ments, disordered, seething and unpredictable. 
–Catherine Bizern

  • Director Nuria Ibáñez Casteñada (born in Madrid, 1974) studied screenwriting in Mexico City. In 2009 her first documentary The Tightrope, won the Regards Neufs Award in Visions du Réel. In 2010 she founded, with filmmaker Mercedes Moncada, the production company Miss Paraguay Producciones. Her second film The Naked Room (2013) was the most awarded Mexican documentary of 2014 and won Best Documentary at the following film festivals: Buenos Aires (BAFICI), Mar del Plata (MARFICI), FICUNAM.

  • PRODUCTION : Romy Tatiana Graullera

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