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A Film Like Any Other

Un film comme les autres

Jean-Luc Godard

1968France104 minColour

An informal discussion between “two people from Flins and three people from Nanterre who I knew and whom I filmed indiscriminately”, a discussion in which Godard himself often intervenes. 
The nature of the discussion, on the outcomes of May 68, largely explains the film’s title: such conversations were frequent during and after the events, as seen in many of the films from that time. This film uses them as its core material. All the participants share revolutionary posi­tions, took part in the movement, and wonder what the next steps should be…
Godard places himself in this spontaneous, almost ordi­nary albeit militant conversation as it freely unfolded in May. [He] extends the privileged movement that liberates words into the making of his film, a film that should itself prompt the spectators to prolong this same liberation. 
–David Faroult, Godard, Inventions d’un cinéma politique, (Les Prairies Ordinaires – Éditions Amsterdam, Paris, 2018)


  • PRODUCTION : Anouchka film