“What is Real?” Programme – Fronteira Festival

What is Real? That is the question that this Fronteira Festival Programme poses and it has everything to do with transposing limits. Be they geographical, social or aesthetic, all of them have their own notion and delineation of what is real, unreal, and surreal.

In a partnership with the Cinéma du Réel, Fronteira Festival, taking place in Goiânia, Brazil (August 20 – 29 2015), will screen films that exploit and digress about different concepts of reality by creating bridges between the past, present and future:

The Old Jewish Cemetery, Sergei Loznitsa, Russie, 2014, 20′
A Festa e os cães, Leonardo Mouramateus, Brésil, 2015, 25′
Territory, Eleanor Mortimer, Royaume Uni, 2015, 17′
Une partie de nous s’est endormie, Marie Moreau, France, 2015, 46′

Curated by Toni D’Angela and Maria Bonsanti

More info on Fronteira Festival website