Volker Koepp’s geopoetic chronicles

During the Mois du film documentaire Documentaire sur grand écran and the Goethe Institut dedicate a programme to the German director, a regular of Cinéma du réel.

An opportunity to rediscover 14 films screened in his presence, among which:
-* “Berlin-Stettin” (2009), section News from, Cinéma du réel 2010,
-* “Holundberblüte” / “Elder Blossom” (2007), Grand Prize Cinéma du réel 2008,
-* “Dieses Jahr in Czernowitz” / “This year in Czernowitz” (2004) and “Die Wismut” (1993) presented within the thematic retrospective German Stories at Cinéma du réel 2007.