Monday 27 March : Let’s move on

Exceptionnally, the screenings of Monday, March 27th at Centre Pompidou will take place at Forum des images (Forum des halles, 2 rue du cinéma, 75001 Paris)

If the situation persists, we will warn you as soon as possible on this website but also on Twitter, Facebook…


Tickets sales (online and at ticket desk) at Centre Pompidou for Monday March 27th are now closed.




03/27 schedule at Forum des Images :


>> ParisDOC Screenings move to salle 30.


Salle 500 :

13:30 pm : French Competition
La plume du peintre, Marie Ka, 84’ + debate

15:50 pm : International Competition
Maman Colonelle, Dieudo Hamadi, 72’ + debate

18:00 pm : International Short Films Competition
The Brick House, Eliane Esther Bots, 15’ + debate
French competition 
Je ne me souviens de rien, Diane Sara Bouzgarrou, 59’ + debate

20:30 pm: Compétition française
Hamlet in Palestine, Nicolas Klotz, Thomas Ostermeier, 92’ + debate


Salle 300


13:10 pm : International Short Films Competition
Alazeef, Saïf Alsaegh, 21’
International First Films Competition
Ala Hafet Alhayat (On the Edge of Life), Yaser Kassab, 44’ + debate

16:00 pm : International Competition
Ejercicios de memoria, Paz Encina, 70’ + debate

18:40pm : International First Films Competition
Vote Off, Fayçal Hammoum, 82’ + debate

20:40 pm : International Competition
No Intenso Agora, João Moreira Salles, 127’ + debate


Salle 100

13:10 pm : Andrea Tonacci Full retrospective
Os Arara I and II, Andrea Tonacci, 120’

15:30 pm: Andrea Tonacci Full retrospective
Serras da desordem, Andrea Tonacci, 135’

18:00 pm: Andrea Tonacci Full retrospective
Talk : The cinema of Andrea Tonacci, 120’