“La Mort du dieu serpent” – Festivals

Damien Froidevaux’s film La Mort du dieu serpent, Special screening Cinéma du réel 2015, is selected  at the Festival Bobines sociales, Paris (France, January 24 – 31 2016).

It will be screened as part of the Hivernales du Documentaire in Verlhac-Tescou (France) on Sunday March 6 2016 at 4:30 pm.

It was programmed at Festival dei Popoli, Florence (Italy, November – December 2015), at the Festival Résonances, Paris (France, November 2015), at the Festival Les Ecrans documentaire, Arcueil (France, November 2015), at the Festival des Etoiles de la Scam, Forum des Images, Paris (France, November 2015), at Corsica.Doc Festival, Ajaccio (France, October 2015) and at the États généraux du documentaire, Lussas (France, August 2015).