“I Am the One who Brings Flowers to her Grave” – International Festivals

Our collaborator Hala Abdallah Yacoub’s film “I Am the One who Brings Flowers to her Grave (Ana alati tahmol azouhour ila qabriha)” is selected to DokFest Muenchen, Germany May 1st – 7th 2008.

It received the Doc.it prize ew-aequo at the Venice Mostra, Italy, September 2006, the Bronze Documentary Award at the Dubai International Film Festival, United Arab Emirates, December 2006 and the Documentary Film Grand Prix at [Tetouan International Mediterranean Cinema Festivalhttp://www.maghrebarts.ma/cinema/meditetouan.html], Morocco, Mars 2007.

It was programmed to the Beirut International Film Festival, Lebanon, October 2006, to the São Paulo International Film Festival, Brazil, October 2006, to the Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival, Denmark, November 2006, to the Festival del Cinema Spirituale, Italy, November 2006, to the Festival des 3 continents, Nantes, France, November 2006, to Carthage Film Festival, Tunisia, November 2006, to FID Marseille, France, July 4th – 9th 2007, to the Ecrans des nouveaux cinémas arabes, Marseille, France, June 26th to July 1st 2007 and to Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival, Japan, October 4th to 11th 2007.