“Clejani – povesti, histoires, stories” – International Festivals and DVD releasing

Marta Bergman and Frédéric Fichefet’s film “Clejani – povesti, histoires, stories”, International Competition Cinema du Reel 2005, has been screened to Lussas Etats Généraux du Documentaire August 2005. _ It has been selected in compétition to Namur Festival International du Film Francophone September 23rd to 30th 2005 and to Traces de Vie, Vic le Comte Film festival from November 21st to 27th 2005.

It was part of the 14th Quinzaine du Cinéma Francophone, October 3rd to 15th 2005, at the Centre Wallonie Bruxelles in Paris.

It is also about to be released on DVD by Doc Net.