“Before the Flood” – International Festival and TV Broadcasting

Li Yifan and Yan Yü’s film “Before the flood” (Yanmo), International Competition and Scam International Prize Cinema du Reel 2005, is programmed as part of Chinéma direct, Brussels, Belgium, November 09th – 25th 2007.

It was selected to Lussas Etats Généraux du Documentaire August 2005 and to Edinburgh International Film Festival August 2005.

It was part of the October programme of Documentaire sur Grand Ecran.

It was selected at the Viennale, Wien international Film Festival October 14th to 24th 2005, at Flanders Film Festival in Gent, Belgium, 11th to 22nd october 2005 and at Doclisboa October 15th to 23rd 2005 where it received the Grand Prize Odisseia and the Doclisboa Adobe Prize.

It was in competition at Florence Festival Dei Popoli December 2nd to 8th 2005.

It has also been bought by Arte who is editing a new 90 minutes version.
“Before the flood” circulates in many festivals.
ARTE has broadcasted a shorter version in April 2006 with the title “Fengjie, la ville engloutie”.