Films softitled in French:

Section Title Director Runtime Country
CI Anni (Anni) Rikun Zhu 80 China
CI Fotbal infinit (Infinite Football) Corneliu Porumboiu 70 Romania
CI Minatomachi (Inland Sea) Kazuhiro Soda 122 Japan, United States
CI Unas preguntas (One or Two Questions) Kristina Konrad 237 Germany, Uruguay
CI Zentralflughafen – THF (THF – Central Airport) Karim Aïnouz 97 Germany, France, Brazil
PF Black Mother (Black Mother) Khalik Allah 75 United States
PF Dom Boraca (Dom Boraca) Ivan Ramljak 49 Croatia
PF Harvest Moon (Harvest Moon) Zaheed Mawani 70 Kyrgyzstan, Canada
PF Los Árboles (The Trees) Mariano Luque 61 Argentina
PF Fail to Appear (Fail to Appear) Antoine Bourges 70 Canada
PF Salarium (Salarium) Sasha Litvintseva, Daniel Mann 42 United Kingdom
PF Wild Relatives (Wild Relatives) Jumana Manna 65 France, Lebanon, Norway
CM Las fuerzas (The Forces) Paola Buontempo 18 Argentina
CM Optimism (Optimism) Deborah Stratman 15 Canada, United States
CM The White Elephant (The White Elephant) Shuruq Harb 12 Palestine
CM Uppland (Uppland) Edward Lawrenson 30 United Kingdom, Ireland
For Another ’68 Agitátorok (Agitátorok) Dezső Magyar 69 Hungary
For Another ’68 al-Ziyara (The Visit) Kais al-Zubaidi 10 Syria
For Another ’68 And I Make Short Films (And I Make Short Films) S.N.S Sastry 16 India
For Another ’68 And Miles to Go… (And Miles to Go…)  S. Sukhdev 14 India
For Another ’68 Brecht die Macht der Manipulateure (Break the Power of Manipulators) Helke Sander 48 Germany
For Another ’68 Cuarto poder (Fourth Estate) Helena Lumbreras, Mariano Lisa 37 Spain
For Another ’68 Dionysus in ‘69 (Dionysus in ‘69) Brian De Palma, Richard Schechner 86 United States
For Another ’68 El Grito (The Shout) Leobardo López Arretche 102 Mexico
For Another ’68 Flash Back (Flash Back) S.N.S Sastry 21 India
For Another ’68 I Am 20 (I Am 20) S.N.S Sastry 19 India
For Another ’68 I Am Somebody (I Am Somebody) Madeline Anderson 30 United States
For Another ’68 Mi aporte (Mi aporte) Sara Gómez 33 Cuba
For Another ’68 Miat wajh li yom wahed (A Hundred Faces for a Single Day) Christian Ghazi 64 Lebanon
For Another ’68 This Bit of That India (This Bit of That India) S.N.S Sastry 20 India
For Another ’68 Umano non umano (Human Not Human) Mario Schifano 95 Italy
In Between: Tacita Dean Event for a Stage (Event for a Stage) Tacita Dean 50 United Kingdom
In Between: Tacita Dean Michael Hamburger (Michael Hamburger) Tacita Dean 29 United Kingdom
In Between: Tacita Dean The Uncles (The Uncles) Tacita Dean 77 United Kingdom
Ir/réel Den’ Pobedy (Victory Day) Sergei Loznitsa 94 Germany
Ir/réel Extinção (Extinction) Salomé Lamas 80 Germany, Portugal
Ir/réel Good Luck (Good Luck) Ben Russell 143 France, Germany
Ir/réel The Rare Event (The Rare Event) Ben Rivers, Ben Russell 48 United Kingdom
Shinsuke Ogawa and the Ogawa Pro Collective Gennin hokusho – Haneda toso no kiroku (Report from Haneda) Shinsuke Ogawa 58 Japan
Shinsuke Ogawa and the Ogawa Pro Collective Nihon kaiko sensen — Sanrizuka no natsu (The Battle Front for the Liberation of Japan — Summer in Sanrizuka) Shinsuke Ogawa 108 Japan
Shinsuke Ogawa and the Ogawa Pro Collective Paruchizan zenshi (Prehistory of the Partisans) Noriaki Tsuchimoto, Masao Tsusumi 120 Japan
Shinsuke Ogawa and the Ogawa Pro Collective Seinen no umi – Yonnin no tsushin kyokuseitachi (Sea of Youth – Four Correspondence Course Students) Shinsuke Ogawa, Yuji Okumura 56 Japan
Special screenings Après 68, La révolution n’est pas un diner de gala (After 68, Revolution Is Not a Gala Dinner) Kristel Le Pollotec 53 France
What Is Real? 40 years of Thinking A Question of Leadership (A Question of Leadership) Ken Loach 50 United Kingdom
What Is Real? 40 years of Thinking Which Side Are You On? (Which Side Are You On?) Ken Loach 53 United Kingdom


Films softitled in English:

Section Title Director Runtime Country
CF Djamilia (Jamila) Aminatou Echard 84 France
CF L’Empire de la perfection (In the Realm of Perfection) Julien Faraut 94 France
CF Western, famille et communisme (Western, famille et communisme) Laurent Krief 83 France
CF Les Flâneries du voyant (Song of a Seer) Aïda Maigre-Touchet 72 Canada, France
CF Syn (The Son) Alexander Abaturov 70 France, Russia
CF The Night Readers (The Night Readers) Mathieu Kleyebe Abonnenc 45 France
CI Antígona (Antigone) Pedro González Rubio 74 France, Mexico
CI Kinshasa Makambo (Kinshasa Makambo) Dieudo Hamadi 74 Democratic Republic of Congo, France, Switzerland, Germany, Qatar, Norway
CI Terra Franca (Ashore) Leonor Teles 82 Portugal
CI Waldheims Walzer (The Waldheim Waltz) Ruth Beckermann 93 Austria
PF Al di là dell’uno (Beyond the One) Anna Marziano 53 France, Italy, Germany
PF Angkar (Angkar) Neary Adeline Hay 71 France
PF Lembro mais dos corvos (I Remember the Crows) Gustavo Vinagre 80 Brazil
CM jeny303 (jeny303) Laura Huertas Millán 6 Colombia, France
CM Olhe bem as montanhas (Look Closely at the Mountains) Ana Vaz 30 Brazil, France
SP La telenovela errante (La telenovela errante) Raoul Ruiz, Valeria Sarmiento 78 Chile