There’s a place beyond the beyond

I’ve Seen the Future + SKY H1

March 26, Grande Salle

The performance There’s a Place Beyond the Beyond describes the travelling through time of a hybrid entity in search of an ideal place. Made in collaboration with the Belgian electro musician SKY H1 (Pan Records), it combines sound, video and a live concert to question the notions of identity, utopia and the non-human.


> Founded in 2014, I’ve Seen the Future (Pierre Edouard Dumora, Alain Garcia, Yann Gonzalez) is a collective exploring the sharing of sound and vision experiences during parties which are set up like living installations where a collective memory and utopia is created.

SKY H1 par Camille Blake

> The Belgian producer SKY H1 made her debut on the Berlin label Creamcake in 2015 and signed in spring of 2016 with Codes (sublabel of PAN). Her first EP “Motion” was released in 2016. She was recently programmed by various venues and festivals in Europe, including Berghain for CTM Festival, Sonic Acts (Amsterdam), Red Bull Music Academy (Paris), Corsica Studios (London), Bozar Electronic Arts Festival (Brussels) and Unsound (Krakow).