Special screening with the Cnap

This screening is part of a new relationship between the CnapCinéma du Réel and FIDMarseille : it is a rerun of the winner of the Cnap award at the lastest edition of FIDMarseille. As for the Joris Ivens-Cnap award of the 40th edition of Cinéma du Réel, it will be screened during the next edition of FIDMarseille. A short film supported by the Cnap’s Image / movement programme will be screened before the rerun of the award-winner.


“City of Tales”

City of Tales
Arash Nassiri
2017, 22’, France

Los Angeles, after dark. Under the neon glow of gas stations, various flashing lights, and the gleam of distant fireworks, young Iranians are flooded with memories of Teheran as they travers the city.

film’s extract

“Saints’ Game”

Saints’ Game

Amélie Derlon Cordina
2017, 50’, Belgium

In Brussels, a Palestinian, a Dagestani, and an Icelander recreate iconic poses from Christian imagery. This mobilization of bodies triggers a reflection on each person’s relationship to his or her original culture.



saturday march 31, 3:30pm, Cinéma 1