ParisDoc 2018


Launched in 2014 by Cinéma du réel, ParisDOC offers a series of events designed to engage professionals, support their needs, and encourage meetings and networking. This platform includes the Works-in-Progress, the annual Public Forum, a “novelty”: the Capsules, but also an access to the professional video library and the possibility to take part in meetings with filmmakers, breakfasts and late-night drinks. ParisDOC is a unique opportunity for French and international professionals to get together, exchange ideas, and initiate new projects.

ParisDoc Works-In-Progress

March 26 and 27
Access by invitation only

The ParisDOC Works-in-Progress actively support the distribution and promotion of feature documentaries by linking project holders (filmmakers and producers) with industry professionals at a key stage of the production process.
The works in progress are selected based on their congruence with Cinéma du Réel’s vision of promoting diversity in form and content, as well as the potential to successfully meet the demands and challenges of the cinema industry. These films have the opportunity to be screened once, in theatrical conditions, in front of a selected audience of French and international experts (programmers, sales agents, distributors, TV,  digital platforms) who play a relevant and strategic role in the placement of documentaries. Each screening is followed by meetings offering a unique chance for project members to plan their film’s career, and for professionals to access new and exciting projects in their final stages of production.


ParisDoc Capsules

In the inviting and informal setting of Le Georges (top floor of the Centre Pompidou), ParisDOC Capsules proposes privileged moments for film professionals to listen and exchange on various themes.Here, we are far from PowerPoint presentations or formal conferences: the idea behind the “capsules” is to discover
the key players of the documentary world in a different light. Beyond simply presenting each other’s activities, the main goal is to get back to the fundamentals of our profession: cinema. Impassioned and inspiring discussions ahead, meeting together made easy, for experienced professionals and beginners alike!!


ParisDoc Public forum

March 27, Forum des images



open daily from Friday, 23 March to Sunday, 1 April
11 am – 9 pm (Tuesday included)
Niveau 2, Bibliothèque publique d’information (Centre Pompidou)


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