Lyle Ashton Harris // Once (Now) Again

As of March 9, an exhibition devoted to celebrated American multi-disciplinary artist Lyle Ashton Harris will take place in the Forum -1 of the Centre Pompidou.


Lyle Ashton Harris / One (Now) Again / Whitney Biennial


For more than twenty-five years, Lyle Ashton Harris (born 1965, New York) has cultivated a diverse artistic practice ranging from photographic media, video, installation and performance. His work explores intersections between the personal and the political, examining the impact of ethnicity, gender and desire on the contemporary social and cultural dynamic.


Lyle Ashton Harris / One (Now) Again / Whitney Biennial


Lyle Ashton Harris’ Once (Now) Again, a site-specific multimedia installation features a three-channel video work comprised of projected images taken from Harris’ Ektachrome Archive (photographed 1986- 2000), as well as three video works using footage originally recorded on Hi-8 and MiniDV format in the 1990s. The resulting assemblage serves to both memorialize and evoke moments lived at the intersection of the personal and the political.

Bearing witness to a period of seismic shifts – the emergence of multiculturalism, the second wave of AIDS activism, and the interconnection of the contemporary art scene with LGBTQ and African diasporic communities -the Ektachrome Archive, an ongoing project, documents his friends, family, and lovers. By setting intimate moments alongside landmark events, the archive constructs collective and private narratives to comment on identity, desire, sexuality, and loss.

Lyle Ashton Harris / One (Now) Again / Whitney Biennial

Following its inclusion in the São Paulo and Whitney Biennials, this installation will be showed for the first time in Europe.



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