Cinéma du réel celebrates La Cinémathèque du documentaire


Documentary creation is experiencing an extraordinary effervescence. Showing these films is a major challenge and forms the overarching goal of The Cinémathèque du documentaire.
Initiated by La Scam, the Cinémathèque gathers and federates entities involved in the release of documentaries in Paris and throughout France and which offer regular programming for all.


In its 40th edition, Cinéma du réel is celebrating this unique institution during a special evening with the screening of :



Alain Cavalier
13’, 1992, France

A sprightly elderly lady, who became an illusionist out of love, talks about her trade and performs a few magic tricks with grace and humour.


“The Cinema Travellers”

Shirley Abraham, Amit Madheshiya
in their presence
96′, 2016, India

In India, an astute film exhibitor, a kindly showman, and an unconventional projector mechanic carry a magnificent burden: keeping alive the last of the world’s travelling cinemas.
Special mention for the Golden Eye documentary award at Cannes 2016.

wednesday march 28, 8:30pm, Cinéma 1