Films softitled in 2010

International Competition :

Du Haibin, China, 116’
The Passion According to the Polish Community of Pruchnik
Andreas Horvath, Monika Muskala, Austria, 30’
Viajo porque preciso, volto porque te amo (I Travel Because I Have To, I Come Back Because I Love You)
Marcelo Gomes, Karim Aïnouz, Brazil, 71’
Vostrau Belarus (Island Belarus)
Victor Asliuk, Belarus, 52’

First Film Competition :

Custodi di Guerra (Gatekeepers of War)
Zijad Ibrahimovic, Switzerland, 52’
Peter in Radioland
Johanna Wagner, Great Britain, 10’
Port of Memory
Kamal Aljafari, France, 63’
Ren jian tong hua (School)
Wei Tie, China, 117’
Sanya i vorobey (Sanya and Sparrow)
Andrey Gryazev, Russia, 61’
To Shoot an Elephant
Alberto Arce, Mohammad Rujailah, Spain, 112’

News From :

Berlin Stettin
Volker Koepp, Germany, 110’
Tod und Teufel (Death and Devil)
Peter Nestler, Suède, Germany, 54’

Albert et David Maysles :

Meet Marlon Brando
Albert Maysles, David Maysles, Charlotte Zwerin, United States, 29’
Psychiatry in Russia
Albert Maysles, United States, 14’
With Love Fron Truman
Albert Maysles, David Maysles, Charlotte Zwerin, United States, 29’
Opening in Moscow
D.A. Pennebaker, Shirley Clarke, Albert Maysles, United States, 45’
Christo’s Valley Curtain
Albert Maysles, David Maysles, Ellen Hovde, United States, 28’

Xiaolu Guo :

Far and Near
Xiaolu Guo, China, 22’
The Concrete Revolution
Xiaolu Guo, China,62’
How Is Your Fish Today
Xiaolu Guo, China, Great Britain, 83’
Once Upon a Time Proletarian
Xiaolu Guo, China,75’
Three Short Films About Love
Xiaolu Guo, China,12’
An Archeologist’s Sunday
Xiaolu Guo, China,8’

Exploring documentary :

An Injuryy to one
Travis Wilkerson, United States, 54’
Newsreel, United States, 13’
Calling Mr Smith
Franciszka Themerson, Stefan Themerson, Great Britain, 10’
Kids + Money
Lauren Greenfield, United States, 32’
Que Hacer ?
Saul Landau, James Becket, Raoul Ruiz, Niva Serrano, Chile, United States, 90’

Special screenings

Angela Davis : Portrait of a Revolutionary
Yolande Du Luart, United States, 60’
Trobriand Cricket
Jerry W. Leach, Gary Kildea, Papua New Guinea, 52’

Films softitled in English :

First Film Competition :

Mati Diop, France, 16’
Au nom du Père, de tous, du ciel
Marie-Violaine Brincard, France, 50’
Cet endroit c’est l’Iran
France, 10’
Le Collier et la perle
Mamadou Sellou Diallo, France, Senegal, 52’
Dames en attente
Dieudo Hamadi, Divita Wa Lusala, Democtratic Republic of Congo, 24’