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Cinéma du Réel, in partnership with Zarafa Films and with the support of CMC presents:

The Pacification War in Amazonia, Yves Billon, France, 1973, 16mm, color, 80 mins (Cannes Film Festival 1977 – Un Certain Regard)

In the 1970’s in Brazil, the construction of the Trans-Amazonian road and the discovery and the exploitation of mineral deposits led the multinational companies to expropriate the indian tribes living in Amazonia. The Indians, attracted by gifts and lured by “pacifiers” who spoke their language, saw themselves ejected from their territories and put in native reservations at the end of the process. They thus have become completely dependent on the civilised world

Bonus :
First contact with the Ikpeng
Photo gallery, a hommage to Jean Rouch
Music from the High Xingu region Indians

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Two films by Howard Alk and Mike Gray, part of Arte Video collection “l’autre amérique”

Chicago 1968. Willing to shoot portrait of Fred Hampton, Illinois Black Panthers’ charismatic leader, Mike Gray and Howard Alk have to deal with his assassination in the middle of the shooting of the film.

Chicago 1968 : The Democrat National Convention. Two groups unite in their struggle against injustice in Chicago during the riots following the convention: the “Black Panthers” and the “Young patriots”, an activist movement politically self-defined as white, poor and southern.

Films distributed by Arte vidéo, following their screenings as part of the “Americana” retrospective of the 30th Cinéma du Réel Festival.