Sound Notebook

During his career, Jean Rouch made a hot of sound recordings linked to his ethnographical research and filmmaking. These recordings are of three types: field recordings (of all kinds), subsequent sound recordings (sound effets and atmopheres), and later recordings of commentaries (voice-overs and dialogues). We invite you to liten to these on the audio pots, where we offer a thematic choice that endeavours to encompass the richness and variety of this unknown facet of his work. A pecial theatre screening (sound and image) on the film Mammy Water and the different tages of its commentary (voice-over) provides an opportunity to discover a second type of Jean Rouch’s recordings.

Jean Rouch’s sound archives comprise an imposing corpus of over two thousand magnetic tapes in the collections of the BnF’s Audiovisual Department. Many of the recordings are not associated with any film but exit in their own right, for their own end: the conscious and intentional capture of the sound of reality. This duality makes these archives a totally unique material. Recently digitalised by the BnF, this corpus can now be accessed by researchers.

Curated by Andrea Paganini

Partnered with:

La Fondation Jean Rouch

Le Comité du film ethnographique

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La Bibliothèque nationale de France