In Conversation with Jean Rouch

Forum -1, Centre Pompidou from March 24th to April 2nd, 11:00am to 10:00pm

The films are shown as a loop on four screens.

For Jean Rouch, the truth of cinema could not be confused with any principle of realism. To his mind, it was a matter of construction, of journeying through hallucination, magic, dreams, which he claimed were operational tools and ways of analysing reality as well as fiction. The works of Frédérique Lagny, Narimane Mari, Marie Voiginer and David Yon take the form of multiple hypotheses about reality, placing the documentary in front of the mirror of fiction, as experimented by Jean Rouch. Here, they dialogue with the filmmaker’s sound notebooks, placing these in the present of creation.

Curated by Pascale Cassagnau (Cnap)

La Colère du peuple 
Frédérique Lagny 
49’ • 2016 • Burkina Faso, France VO with French sub 
An evocation of the fall of Blaise Compaoré’s regime filmed in Bobo- Dioulasso. The Burkinabé people mobilise in force, invent new tools and slogans of citizen protet.

Haricots rouges 
Narimane Mari 
77’ • 2013 • France, Algérie VO with French sub 
On an Algerian beach and its barely urbanised surroundings, children and teenagers play at war – the war of decolonisation. They improvise their own game: a mix of Brechtian theatre and adventure film.

Marie Voignier
78’ • 2011 • France VO with French sub
An inquiry into both the phantasmatic quest of a cryptozoologist who set out many years ago to search for a legendary animal in the Cameroon forest, and the hypnotic reality of a specific geography.

David Yon
60’ • 2015 • Qatar, France VO with French sub
The sun no longer rises over the Algerian Atlas mountains. Here, where the echo of a threat still resonates, Lamine walks through the steppe, accompanied by a child with a reassuring presence. This night-time crossing takes on the fantastic signs of a quest, an initiatory game.