Cinéma du Réel - Festival international de films documentaires



ParisDOC is the professional platform of Cinema du Réel and an essential part of the festival’s experience. It provides a series of events designed to engage professionals and encourage information, communication and networking among them. The screenings, and other opportunities such as: access to the professional video library, debates, early breakfast and late drinks are just a few examples. ParisDOC screenings function as a platform that links feature documentary projects at their final stages of production, to professionals that hold an active and strategic role for films distribution and placement within the industry (distributors, sales agents, festival programmers, etc.). The movies selected are chosen for their affinity with the spirit and artistic conception of Cinema du Réel The screenings are followed by meetings that represent a unique chance for the project members to discuss the career of their film and for professionals to access projects at a key stage of their production process.Individual forms of distribution tailor made for each project are highly encouraged. More info :