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Mar 30, 2017


Salle 500

18:15 POSTCARDS FROM THE VERGE Sebastian Mez + debate
WHIPPING ZOMBIE Yuri Ancarani + debate

21:00 115DB Lucile Chaufour + debate
LES ÎLES RESONNANTES Juruna Mallon + debate

Salle 100

13:30 UNDO Majed Neisi + debate
BOLI BANA Simon Coulibaly Gillard + debate

16:10 PEOPLE PEBBLE Jivko Darakchiev, Perrine Gamot + debate // LUZ OBSCURA Susana de Sousa Dias + debate

18:45 BLESS THEIR LITTLE HEARTS Billy Woodberry + debate // in presence of Charles Burnett

20:45 PASSING THROUGH Larry Clark // in presence of Charles Burnett



10:00 NO INTENSO AGORA João Moreira Salles

13:00 XIONGNIAN ZHIPAN (WE, THE WORKERS) Huang Wenhai + debate


19:00 FRERE ALAIN–EA5 Vincent Dieutre + debate

20:30 (FOYER DU LUMINOR, Uptairs) 20 YEARS LA LUCARNE meeting with Rasha Salti and Luciano Rigolini

Yi Cui + débat // JUNTAS Laura Martinez Duque and Nadina Marquisio + debate




14:00 DUELO Alejandro Alonso // CASA ROSHELL Camila José Donoso

17:00 CHAQUE MUR EST UNE PORTE Elitza Gueorguieva + debate

19:30 DERNIERS JOURS A SHIBATI Hendrick Dusollier, + debate

Wednesday 29 March program change

Mar 29, 2017

03/29 schedule


Forum des images


Salle 300

13:20 DES BOBINES ET DES HOMMES Charlotte Pouch + debate
18pm VIAGGIO A MONTEVIDEO Giovanni Cioni + debate
19:30 A STRANGE NEW BEAUTY Shelly Silver + debate
21pm SEVERAL FRIENDS // KILLER OF SHEEP in presence of Charles Burnett


Salle 100

13:30 DU ZI CUN ZAI (LONE EXISTENCE) Sha Qing // SOLEIL SOMBRE Marie Moreau + debate
16h15 WHIPPING ZOMBIE Yuri Ancarani + debate // BOLI BANA Simon Coulibaly Gillard
18h30 EJERCICIOS DE MEMORIA Paz Encina + debate
20h15 XIONGNIAN ZHIPAN (WE THE WORKERS) Huang Wenhai + debate


Au Luminor (no change)

10am PEOPLE PEBBLE Jivko Darakchiev, Perrine Gamot // DERNIERS JOURS A SHIBATI Hendrick Dusollier
14pm MARTIRIO Vincent Carelli, Tatiana Almeida, Ernesto De Carvalho
17:10 RETOUR A FORBACH Régis Sauder
18:50 LUZ OBSCURA Susana de Sousa Dias + debate
21pm DUELO Alejandro Alonso + debate // CASA ROSHELL Camila José Donoso + debate


Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles (no change)

17pm NOW HE’S OUT AND EVERYONE CAN SEENatalie Bookchin // VETAL NAGRI Léandre Bernard-Brunel
19:30 ALAZEEF Saif Alsaegh // ALA HAFET ALHAYAT (ON THE EDGE OF LIFE) Yaser Kassab


Tuesday 03/28 : program change

Mar 27, 2017

Centre Pompidou remains exceptionnally closed tomorrow.


The screenings are moving to Forum des Images (Forum des Halles, 2 rue du Cinéma, 75001 Paris)

If the situation persists, we will warn you as soon as possible on the website but also on Twitter, Facebook...




At Forum des images


••• SALLE 300


11am-13pm Public debate, part 1
14pm-16pm Public debate, part 2

16:30pm DUELO Alejandro Alonso + debate // CASA ROSHELL Camila José Donoso + debate


21:00pm MY BROTHER'S WEDDING Charles Burnett, in his presence


••• SALLE 100


16:30pm ATELIER DE CONVERSATION Bernhard Braunstein + debate

18:30pm TROISIEME PRINTEMPS Arnaud de Mezamat+ debate



LUMINOR (no change)


10am PARIS EST UNE FÊTE – UN FILM EN 18 VAGUES Sylvain George + debate

13:40pm ORFEO Isabel Pagliai + debate // HAKIR Moran Ifergan + debate

16:10pm NYO VWETA NAFTA Ico Costa + debate // ENFANTS DE BEYROUTH (WLED BAYROUTH) Sarah Srage+ debate

18:30pm NOW HE’S OUT IN PUBLIC AND EVERYONE CAN SEE Natalie Bookchin + debate // VETAL NAGRI Léandre Bernard-Brunel + debate

21pm TENIR LA DISTANCE Katharina Wartena + debate


Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles (no change)


14pm VOTE OFF Faycal Hammoum

17pm THE BRICK HOUSE Eliane Esther Bots + JE NE ME SOUVIENS DE RIEN Diane Sara Bouzgarrou

19:30pm LA PLUME DU PEINTRE Marie Ka


ANDREA TONACCI full retrospective screenings will be catch up soon (we'll inform you as soon as possible).

The Public debate talk is cancelled.


Monday 27 March : Let's move on

Mar 24, 2017

Exceptionnally, the screenings of Monday, March 27th at Centre Pompidou will take place at Forum des images (Forum des halles, 2 rue du cinéma, 75001 Paris)

If the situation persists, we will warn you as soon as possible on this website but also on Twitter, Facebook...


Tickets sales (online and at ticket desk) at Centre Pompidou for Monday March 27th are now closed.




03/27 schedule at Forum des Images :


>> ParisDOC Screenings move to salle 30.


Salle 500 :

13:30 pm : French Competition
- La plume du peintre, Marie Ka, 84’ + debate

15:50 pm : International Competition
- Maman Colonelle, Dieudo Hamadi, 72’ + debate

18:00 pm : International Short Films Competition
- The Brick House, Eliane Esther Bots, 15’ + debate
French competition 
- Je ne me souviens de rien, Diane Sara Bouzgarrou, 59’ + debate

20:30 pm: Compétition française
- Hamlet in Palestine, Nicolas Klotz, Thomas Ostermeier, 92’ + debate


Salle 300


13:10 pm : International Short Films Competition
- Alazeef, Saïf Alsaegh, 21’
International First Films Competition
- Ala Hafet Alhayat (On the Edge of Life), Yaser Kassab, 44’ + debate

16:00 pm : International Competition
- Ejercicios de memoria, Paz Encina, 70’ + debate

18:40pm : International First Films Competition
- Vote Off, Fayçal Hammoum, 82’ + debate

20:40 pm : International Competition
- No Intenso Agora, João Moreira Salles, 127’ + debate


Salle 100

13:10 pm : Andrea Tonacci Full retrospective
- Os Arara I and II, Andrea Tonacci, 120’

15:30 pm: Andrea Tonacci Full retrospective
- Serras da desordem, Andrea Tonacci, 135’

18:00 pm: Andrea Tonacci Full retrospective
- Talk : The cinema of Andrea Tonacci, 120’


Online ticketing

Mar 23, 2017

Online ticketing services for Cinéma du réel now open:

Fnac (for booklets of 5, 10 and 20 tickets)

Centre Pompidou

Forum des images

The Jurys and Prizes of the 39th edition

Mar 13, 2017

The jury members of the different competitive sections and the prizes they will award in 2017.



Tina Baz Legal, France-Lebanon (editor)
Anne Georget, France ( filmmaker, president of the SCAM)
Luciano Monteagudo, Argentina (critic, programmer - DOC Buenos Aires)

This jury will award : 
> The Cinema du reel Grand Prix (€ 8,000, funded by the Bibliothèque Publique d’information and supported by the Procirep)
> La Scam International Award (€ 5,000, funded by La Scam)



Eric Hynes, USA (writer, critic and programmer - Museum of the Moving Image)
Nathalie Streiff, France (Institut français) 
Nanako Tsukidate, Japan (programmer Hiroshima Film Festival)

> This Jury will award The Institut français Louis Marcorelle Award (€ 7,000, funded by the Institut français)



Safia Benhaïm, France (filmmaker and photographer)
Kumjana Novakova, Bosnia and Herzegovine (filmmaker, producer, programer)
Marta Ponsa, Spain (in charge of the artistic and cultural projects Jeu de Paume)

This jury will award : 
> The Joris Ivens / Cnap Award (7,500€) funded by Marceline Loridan-Ivens, the Cnap and the organisation Les Amis du Cinéma du reel, goes to one of the films in the the First Films International Competition.
> The Short Film Award (€3,500  with €1,000 of audio-visual services, funded by the Bibliothèque Publique d’information and sponsored by Cinécim Vidéo)



The Jury is composed of 2 librarians, Sophie Alaux (médiathèque du Grand Cahors), Stéphanie Alexandre (médiathèque Abdelmalek Sayad) and Nicolas Hans Martin (filmmaker)

> They will award The Library Award (€ 2,500 funded by the Direction générale des médias et des industries culturelles, Ministry of Culture and Communication is awarded by the Library Jury. The awarded film is automatically purchased by the Bibliothèque Publique d’information to integrate the Libraries’ National Catalogue).



Jury members are 5 students from senior high-school : Eva Ba-Lantzenberg, Arthur Dujardin (Lycée Turgot, Paris 3e), Morgann Fremion, Antoine Horn, Doan Dang Pham (lycée technique privé Saint-Nicolas, paris 6e) and Sévérine Rocaboy (manager and programmer Les Toiles, St Gratien)

> They will award The Youth Jury Award Cinéma du reel (€ 2,500, funded by the organisation Les Amis du Cinéma du réel, supported by Paris City Council)



Selma Mutal (Composer)

> She will award The Original Music Award (€ 1,000 funded by the Sacem with the support of UCMF)



> They will award a short film from the competition.








Atelier de conversation

Mar 10, 2017

On Thursday March 23rd at 8:30 pm at Centre Pompidou, Cinéma du réel will open its 39th edition with the special screening of ATELIER DE CONVERSATION, directed by Bernhard Braunstein.



Bernhard Braustein
72' / 2017 / Austria, France, Liechtenstein / World premiere

Every week at the Bpi public library, a small group gets together to learn and practice French in seemingly banal conversations that reveal different and sometimes antagonistic backgrounds. Refugees, expatriates and students meet in front of the camera, which through their words and looks records secrets and things unsaid. Beyond what separates them, they all share the same goal of becoming integrated through language. (Thomas Lequeu)

>> Special screening on March 25th, 9:20pm (Cinéma 1) with the director, the protagonists and Bpi's librarians. Free entrance
>> And March 28th, 1:30pm (Cinéma 2) with the director

Franco Piavoli, special guest

Mar 01, 2017

The Italian filmmaker is back at Cinéma du réel after his 2016 retrospective of his works.

Potemkine, in coproduction with Cinema du réel, is releasing a double dvd including two of his masterpieces : IL PIANETA AZZURO and NOSTOS: IL RITORNO on March 7th.

> During the festival (April 2nd), French editor Potemkine will present a special evening in presence of Franco Piavoli with the screening of DOMENICA SERA and VOCI NEL TEMPO.

> In partnership with Terra di Cinema film festival, Franco Piavoli will also present and introduce his brand new film, FESTA (premiered at Locarno Film festival)


> Franco Piavoli will also be the special guest of Bozar in Bruxelles, on March 29th.

Special Screenings

Feb 24, 2017

Alongside the main themes of the festival’s programme, the special screenings add nuance and texture. The unravel certain knots and weave new ones. This year: a special tribute to Luce Vigo, films using archive footage in resonance with the day-long public debate, a spotlight on the United States in the age of Donald Trump, tributes to filmmakers much appreciated by the Festival and portraits of cine-poets whose camera turned pen sometimes becomes a tool of resistance…


AUSTERLITZ Sergei Loznitsa

BURMA STORYBOOK Petr Lom / closing film




FLEURS SAUVAGES Guillaume Massart

FRERE ALAIN - EA5 Vincent Dieutre / world premiere

GRAY HOUSE Austin Lynch, Matthew Booth



EL MAR LA MAR Joshua Bonnetta, J.P. Sniadecki


VIAGGIO A MONTEVIDEO Giovanni Cioni / world premiere


To be continued...

Some titles will be soon unveiled.

Cinéma du réel 2017 : Films in competition

Feb 20, 2017

43 films (30 films will be presented in world premiere) within 4 competitive sections, selected among more than 2800 films submitted this year, from 135 different countries.

Cinema du réel would like to thank the filmmakers, producers and film distributors who submitted their projects.


International competition : 11 films

A Strange New Beauty
Shelly Silver (50‘, USA) // World premiere
A Yangtze Landscape (Changjiang) Xu Xin (156‘, China) // World premiere
Ghost Hunting (Istiyad Ashbah) Raed Andoni (92‘, Palestine / France / Switzerland)
In the Intense Now (No intenso agora) João Moreira Salles (127‘, Brazil)
Luz Obscura Susana de Sousa Dias (76‘, Portugal) // World premiere
Maman Colonelle (Mama Colonel) Dieudo Hamadi (72‘, Democratic Republic of the Congo)
Martírio Vincent Carelli, Tita (Tatiana Almeida), Ernesto de Carvalho (162‘, Brazil) // European premiere
Memory Exercises (Ejercicios de memoria) Paz Encina (72‘, Argentina / Paraguay / Germany / France)
Paris Is a Moveable Feast - A Film in 18 Waves (Paris est une fête - un film en 18 vagues) Sylvain George (94‘, France) // World premiere
Postcards from the Verge Sebastian Mez (72‘, Germany) // World premiere
We the Workers (Xiongnian zhipan) HUANG Wenhai (174‘, China)


French Competition : 11 films

Every Wall Is a Door (Chaque mur est une porte) Elitza Gueorguieva (60‘) // World premiere
For You, Lord, For You (Prends, Seigneur, prends) Cédric Dupire, Gaspard Kuentz (92‘) // World premiere
Hamlet in Palestine Nicolas Klotz, Thomas Ostermeier (92‘) // World premiere
I Remember Nothing (Je ne me souviens de rien) Diane Sara Bouzgarrou (59‘) // World premiere
Keeping the Distance (Tenir la distance) Katharina Wartena (69‘) // World premiere
Last Days in Shibati (Derniers jours à Shibati) Hendrick Dusollier (60‘) // World premiere
Of Rolls and Men (Des bobines et des hommes) Charlotte Pouch (67‘) // World premiere
Painter’s Pen (La Plume du peintre) Marie Ka (87‘) // World premiere
Resonant Islands (Les Îles résonnantes) Juruna Mallon (56‘) // World premiere
Return to Forbach (Retour à Forbach) Régis Sauder (78‘) / sortie le 19 avril 2017 (DOCKS 66) // World premiere
The Sun Died (Soleil sombre) Marie Moreau (43‘) // World premiere


First Films International Competition : 10 films

Boli Bana Simon Coulibaly Gillard (59‘, Belgium)
Casa Roshell Camila José Donoso (71‘, Mexico, Chile)
Children of Beirut (Wlad Beyrut) Sarah Srage (59‘, France) // World premiere
Lone Existence (Du zi cun zai) Sha Qing (77‘, China) // World premiere
On the Edge of Life (Ala Hafet Al-Hayat) Yaser Kassab (44’, Syria) // World premiere
Pagans (Pagani) Elisa Flaminia Inno (54‘, Italy) // International premiere
Together (Juntas) Laura Martínez Duque, Nadina Marquisio (70‘, Colombia, Argentina) // World premiere
Vetal Nagri Léandre Bernard-Brunel (53‘, France) // World premiere
Vote Off Fayçal Hammoum (82‘, Algeria) // World premiere
Wall (Hakir) Moran Ifergan (67’, Israel) // World premiere


Short Films International Competition : 12 films

115DB Lucile Chaufour (40‘, France) // World premiere
Alazeef Saif Alsaegh (21’, USA) // European premiere
The Brick House Eliane Esther Bots (15’, Netherlands) // International premiere
Duelo (Duel) Alejandro Alonso (12‘, Cuba) // World premiere
Now he's out in public and everyone can see Natalie Bookchin (24‘, USA) // World premiere
Nyo Vweta Nafta Ico Costa (21‘, Portugal, Mozambique)
Orfeo Isabel Pagliai (14‘, France) // World premiere
People Pebble Jivko Darakchiev, Perrine Gamot (18‘, UK, France) // World premiere
Tepantar Pierre Michelon (28‘, France) // World premiere
Through the looking glass Yi Cui (14‘, China) // World premiere
Undo Majed Neisi (39‘, Iran) // International premiere
Whipping Zombie Yuri Ancarani (30’, Italy)

"The Heirs (Les Héritiers)" - Festivals and screenings

Feb 16, 2017

Maxence Voiseux's film "The Heirs (Les Héritiers)", World Premiere First Films International Competition and Intangible Heritage Award Cinéma du réel 2016, was screened on Saturday April 1er as part of the Off Site screenings of Cinéma du réel, at the Cinéma Les Etoiles, Bruay-la-Buissière (62) in presence of the filmmaker and his characters.
102 Rue du Périgord, 62700 Bruay-la-Buissière,
03 21 01 75 25 /

It was programmed at Festival Jean Rouch, Paris (France, novembre - décembre 2016), at Les Écrans documentaires, Arcueil (France, Novembe 2016) and at Festival internationale du documentaire en Cévennes, Lasalle, Le Vigan, Valleraugue, Ganges, Pont de Montvert, Vialas and Florac (France, april-may 2016).

Screenings as part of  Le Mois du film documentaire :
- November 4th 2016, Brignoles (Var), Médiathèque de Brignoles
- November 4th 2016, Arcueil (Val-de-Marne), Espace municipal Jean Vilar
- November 8th 2016, Argenton-sur-Creuse (Indre), Bibliothèque Rollinat
- November 20th 2016, Ozenay (Saône-et-Loire), Foyer rural d'Ozenay
- November 24th 2016, Teyran (Hérault), Médiathèque Municipale de Teyran.

French premiere - WAKE (Subic) by John Gianvito at the Centre Pompidou

Feb 16, 2017

Wake - John Gianvito

Regularly invited to Cinéma du réel, John Gianvito will screen his last film WAKE (USA, 2015, 277’) at the Centre Pompidou, cinema 1, on Wednesday 22nd February 2017 at 6 p.m. till 11.30 p.m. (free entrance). In this film, the American director traces the colonialist presence of the United States in the Philippines across over a century of history. The screening will be introduced by Nicole Brenez.

In addition, John Gianvito will take part in the colloquium "Cinémas d'Insurrection" organized by INHA from 22 to 24 February 2017.


39th Cinema du réel : Pre-program

Jan 25, 2017

A glimpse at the 2017 Cinéma du réel program (March 24th - April 2nd).
Accreditations form will be online in February.



Tonacci••• ANDREA TONACCI: Full retrospective

Andrea Tonacci, who passed away last December, was an Italian by birth who made Brazil his land of adoption, love, combat and creation. In our countries, he became known in 1971 for his movie Bang Bang, premiered at the Directors’ Fortnight in Cannes. During the dictatorship, he became one of leading figures of the so-called Brazilian Marginal Cinema. Over the years, his film practice turned towards documentary work and embraced, in a very personal way, a people, a struggle: that of Amazon Indigenous peoples.

Curated by Patricia Mourão and Gustavo Beck

••• L.A. Rebellion : a new African-American cinema

Tribute to Charles Burnett and Haile Gerima Retrospective

From the end of the 1960’s, at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), groups of African-American and African students gathered in workshops for  American “minorities”. Their films give images and voice to a black population that mainstream cinema ignored or confined to stereotypes. Attempts to free narratives from Hollywood conventions, independent practices, and esthetic and political commitment shape the works of this informal movement. At the same time, the styles and the intentions of filmmakers such as Charles Burnett and Hailé Gerima assert themselves. Their films, whose making was a challenge in an environment where entertainment reigned supreme, criticize and recompose the "national narrative" of America... and beyond

L.A. Rebellion: Creating a New Black Cinema is a project by UCLA Film & Television Archive developed as part of Pacific Standard Time: Art in L.A. 1945-1980. The original series took place at UCLA Film & Television Archive in October – December 2011, curated by Allyson Nadia Field, Jan-Christopher Horak, Shannon Kelley and Jacqueline Stewart.

With the collaboration of UCLA and le Jeu de Paume. Curated by Marie-Pierre Duhamel,
In the presence of Charles Burnett and Hailé Gerima.


Ing K - Censor must die••• ING K – At work

Ing K is a Thai filmmaker, journalist and writer, who always handled the camera to fight for the freedom of expression of her people. Religious conflicts (Citizen Juling, 2008), representation of a corrupt and bloody dictatorship in the shape of a Macbeth adaptation, Ing K’s camera does not fear repression. And even when she was a victim of such repression, she turned it into an artwork like Censor Must Die in 2013, as though every blow strengthened the endurance of the Thai filmmaker.

Curated by Nicole Brenez, in the presence of Ing K


Demontage••• Thematic section: Dé/montage(s)

A mutant and flexible object, a programming like a toy-building set, made with films which cannot be circumscribed. Their common thread: editing as a land of freedom and creation, which dismantles and rebuilds the narrative, by assembling different genres and forms. With films by Raoul Ruiz, Peter Kubelka and Robert Beavers…

Curated by Federico Rossin



Jean rouch centenaire 2••• TRIBUTE: JEAN ROUCH CENTENNIAL

In 2017, we celebrate the centennial of the birth of Jean Rouch (1917-2004), one of the festival’s founding fathers. On this occasion, a special focus will be given on Rouch’s work: sound recordings. A selection of numerous and unpublished recordings will be presented on interactive listening posts. A screening will also illustrate the sound aspect of his film work.

Curated by Andrea Paganini

In partnership with the Jean Rouch Foundation, Le Comité du Film Ethnographique with the assistance of the Bibliothèque nationale de France

A video installation will also feature works by filmmakers and artists, all inspired by Jean Rouch’s work

Curated by Pascale Cassagnau



Low-Fi Chronicles: In between: an unseen installation by Vincent Dieutre (filmmaker) in collaboration with Christophe Berhault (painter, visual artist), Daniel Freitag (musician) and Geoffrey Carrey (actor) /// A story through images: a day of public debate on the preservation of contemporary images /// Arrested Cinema: an observatory of freedom in cinema /// ParisDOC, festival activities for professionals /// film and live music /// audio description /// other screenings and off-site events…



4 competitive sections: International Competition /// French Competition /// First Films International Competition /// Short Films International Competition
> The films in competition will be disclosed in February.

"Vivere" - International Festival, screenings and French national release

Jan 18, 2017

Judith Abitbol's film "Vivere", World Premiere, French Competitionand special mention Libraries' Award Cinéma du réel 2016, was theatrically released on January 18th 2017, Distribution company : Norte Distribution.

It was screened on December 18, 2016 at Le Vidéodrome 2 Cinema, 49 cours Julien, 13006 Marseille, as part of Les Primeurs du Blog Documentaire.

It was screened as part of Le Mois du film documentaire 2016, on November 16, 17 et 20 at the Centre culturel communautaire des Cordeliers, Lons le Saunier, France.

It was programmed at Festival Tous écrans, Geneva (Switzerland, November 2016).

It was screened on October 18, 2016 à 5:00pm at the Centre culturel italien de Marseille as part of the 11th rencontres Films Femmes Méditerranée.

"Pas comme des loups" - Festivals and screenings

Jan 18, 2017

Vincent Pouplard's film "Pas comme des loups", Special screening Cinéma du réel 2016, won the Award of Les Écrans documentaires Festival, Arcueil (France, November 2-9, 2016). It also won there the Moulin d'Andé Award for its film project in writing stage "Vivace(s)".

Screenings as part of Le Mois du film documentaire
- November 3rd 2016,  Rennes (Ille-et-Villaine), Comptoir du Doc
- November 4th 2016, Angers (Maine-et-Loire), Bibliothèque de La Roseraie
- November 5th 2016, Arcueil (Val-de-Marne), Espace municipal Jean Vilar
- November 12th 2016, Saint-Rivoal (Finistère), Salle Polyvalente
- November 13th 2016, Rosporden (Finistère), Bibliothèque Centre culturel
- November 14th 2016, Plozévet (Finistère), Médiathèque municipale
- November 17th 2016, Vallet (Loire-Atlantique), Cinéma Le CEP
- November 25th 2016, Ploeren (Morbihan), Médiathèque de Ploeren
- November 26th 2016, La Bosse-de-Bretagne (Ille-et-Villaine), salle des Fêtes

It was programmed at Les Rencontre hivernales du documentaire, Grignan (France, February 2017), at Festival du film d'éducation, Évreux (France, November - December, 2016), at Traces de Vies Festival, Clermont-Ferrand and Vic-le-Comte (France, November 2016), atDouarnenez Festival (France, August 2016), at Les États généraux du Film documentaire, Lussas (France, August 2016) and at Les Rencontres du film documenatire de Mellionnec (France, June 2016).

"Saigneurs (Slaughtered)" - French Theatrical Release

Jan 17, 2017

Raphaël Girardot and Vincent Gaullier's film "Saigneurs (Slaughtered)", World Premiere, French Competition Cinéma du réel 2016, was theatrically released in France on Wednesday March 1st 2017. Distributor : ISKRA

"Zona Franca" - Festivals, French Theatrical Release

Jan 17, 2017

Georgi Lazarevski's film "Zona Franca", World Premiere, French Competition Cinéma du réel 2016, was theatrically released in France on Wednesday February 15, 2017. Distributor : Zeugma Films.

It was programmed at the following film festivals: Traces de Vies Festival, Clermont-Ferrand and Vic-le-Comte (France, November 2016), Anuu-ru aboro Film Festival (New-Caledonia, October 2016), Festival Biarritz Amérique Latine, Biarritz (France, September - October 2016), Gindou Film Festival (France, August 2016), Festival Zones Portuaires, Saint Nazaire (France, Kune 2016).

"Oleg y las raras artes" - International Festivals

Jan 14, 2017

Andres Duque's film "Oleg y las raras artes", International Competition, Original Music Award and Special mention Scam International Award Cinéma du réel 2016, was programmed at the following film festivals: Miradas Doc Festival, Guía de Isora, Tenerife, Canary Islands (Spain, January - February 2017), Porto/Post/Doc, Porto (Portugal, November - December 2016), Montreal International Documentary Festival (Canada, November 2016), Viennale, Vienna (Austria, October - November 2016), Dokufest, Prizren (Kosovo, August 2016), Festival Olhar de Cinema, Curitiba (Brazil, June 2016), Bildrausch Filmfest, Basel (Switzerland, May 2016), Art of the Real, Film Society Lincoln Center, New York (USA, April 2016), Bafici, Buenos Aires (Argentina, April 2016), Festival Cinematografico Internacional del Urugay, Montevideo (Urugay, March - April 2016).

"Bein gderot (Between Fences)" - International Festivals

Jan 11, 2017

Avi Mograbi's film "Bein gderot (Betwwen Fences)", Opening film of Cinéma du réel's 2016 edition, was theatrically released in France on Wednesday January 11, 2017. Distributor: Météore Films.

It was programmed at the following film festivals: Festival Cinéma Méditérranéen, Bruxelles (Belgique, décembre 2016), Festival dei Popoli, Florence (Italy, November - December 2016), Montreal International Documentary Festival (Canada, November 2016), L'Alternativa, Festival de Cinema Independent de Barcelona (Spain, November 2016),  International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival, Budapest (Hungary, November, 2016), Vancouver International Film Festival (Canada, September - October 2016), États généraux du Film documentaire, Lussas (France, August 2016), Douarnenez Festival (France, August 2016), Olhar de Cinema Festival, Curitiba (Brazil, June 2016), Edoc, encuentros del otro cine, festival internacional de cine documental, Quito and Guayaquil (Ecuador, May-June 2016), Bafici, Buenos Aires (Argentina, April 2016).

"Há Terra!" - International Festivals

Dec 30, 2016

Ana Vaz' film "Há Terra!", World Premiere, Short Films International Competition and Short Film Award Cinéma du réel 2016, was part of the exhibition "Excusez-moi de vous avoir dérangés", Espace Khiasma, Les Lilas (France, until December 17th 2016).

Additionally to these screenings, Ana Vaz was present at Espace Khiasma on Monday December 5th 2016 at 8.00pm to show her new project (with Nuno da Luz) The Voyage Out.

It was programmed at the following film festivals: L'Alternativa, Festival de Cinema Independent de Barcelona(Spain, November 2016),  Kasseler Dok Fest, Kassel (Germany, November 2016), New York Film Festival (United States, September - October 2016), Festival des cinémas différents et expérimentaux de Paris (France, October, 2016) London Film Festival (United Kingdom, October 2016), Toronto International Film Festival (Canada, September 2016), États généraux du Film documentaire, Lussas (France, August 2016), Vila do Conde Short Film Festival (Portugal, July 2016), Olhar de Cinema Festival, Curitiba (Brazil, June 2016)

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